Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brooklyn: Forcella Pizza

485 Lorimer St (near Grand St)
Recommend: Montanara (Fried & Baked Pizza)

I read about Forcella on Tasting Table and added it to my 'Must Eat List'.  But you know, I like pizza.  I can't say, I L-O-V-E pizza, but y'know, I like it.  So, it was on my list, but not #1.  But one day, Mark and I were walking to Key Foods supermarket on Grand St and I saw the little awning and recognized the pizza shop name.  We thought, hey why not.  And boy ... lemme tell you, this pizza is way beyond 'hey why not' pizza.
Their oven was built and brought over from Naples and assembled by the head pizza maker man who's won like world championships in pizza-making.  That is serious pizza skills.  And you can taste it!

I would highly recommend that you dine in for this pizza.  It's super thin crust will probably get really soggy if you get it delivered.  We tried 3 different kinds.  Since I'm not fluent in Italian, I will give you the simple ignorant American names for them: Meat Lover, Vegetarian, and Fried Freaking Fantastic Margherita.  This last one was so good I went the extra mile to even get the right Italian name for you: montanara.

If you're in Williamsburg near the Lorimer stop, seriously, go here.

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