Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Worth the Frostbite

I had plans to eat dinner with Kimch tonight so I flipped through this week's NY Mag, "
Where to Eat" and stopped when I saw the words 'Asian' and 'sandwich.' My mouth started to water; always a good sign. I read that Num Pang was known for their pulled duroc pork sammich and I saw spicy grilled corn on the cob - so I was sold!

(Num Pang : 21 E.12th St : bw University & 5th)
(Exhibit A)
(Exhibit B)

After I ordered my sammich, I was so excited I forgot to order my spicy corn. I also forgot to take a picture until we were both uhh pretty much done (see Exhibit A), so the kind man next to us allowed me to photograph his beautiful sammich instead (see Exhibit B). He had the Grilled King Mackerel w/Leeks. Kimch had the Coconut Tiger Shrimp. Kimch gave me a bite (it was DELISH), the kind man did not (though perhaps I could have asked...). The bread was baked and toasted to crunchie perfection. The pickled carrots and cucumbers were sweet and tangy. And I loved that everything had a nice spicy kick to it. I loved more that they don't allow patrons to customize their sandwiches. In their words, "Our sandwiches were created to be enjoyed as they are, so please, no modification." Love it. I'm so stuffed right now, but these were so good that while I was giving MrMC the postmortem download about my finger-lickin' delicious dinner - I totally wanted another one!

But that's not all, folks. A dinner date with Kimch is not complete without something sweet. So we headed to Le Petit Belge for some leige waffles w/hot taro bubble tea! (Thanks P&H for the recommendation! But, for the record, it still didn't come close to the Belgium waffles from Waffle Cabin in Killington, VT).

(Le Petit Belge : 22 E.14th St : bw University & 5th)

Needless to say, I rolled myself home. So yummy... so worth it!